Darion Gates PhotoI would just like to make a special shout out to the scholarshopmom (Mrs. High)! Because of her assistance I have earned over $250,000 in scholarship money! In addition to the 9 local scholarships I received, I am also a Gates Scholar (a scholarship that will pay for my education up to my PHD!!!) Without the support of the scholarshopmom and her team, I do not think I would have been as successful in winning scholarships. She read OVER 30 of my essays, and gave me tips not only how to win scholarships, but how to become a better writer. If you are serious about going to college for FREE, I think it’s very very important that you email her today. Her encouragement and experience with assisting students seeking scholarships was essential to my success and I believe will do the EXACT same thing for you. Once again THANK YOU ūüôā very much for being there for me every step of the way during my route to becoming a SCHOLAR! Thanks! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. ¬†Darion Wiggs, Sophomore, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
seton-academy-workshopIt was a pleasure meeting you at Seton High on last night.¬† Although, I had to leave early I was definitely impressed with the level of clear and concise information you shared with our group.¬† I sometimes am called upon to publicly speak in my line of work and I must say you made it appear easy.¬† I was also impressed with your printed materials and power point presentation. ¬†I’ve been on your site and am reading all the links and materials.¬† I will most certainly reach out to you once I have any questions my family and I may have.¬† Once again, thank you for your passion of sharing”. ¬† ¬†Kevin Howard, Seton Academy Parent
Great job!  Kevin Howard,Seton Academy Parent
“The ScholarshopMom is phenomenal at what she does. She really helped me put my thoughts to paper in a more mature and collegiate way. She took her time with me and worked at my pace. She aided me in finding the best in me so I could write about it. She has helped me receive thousands of dollars in scholarship money which really saved my family of the hardship of loans. I believe with the assistance of Mrs.High anyone can write a winning scholarship essay” ¬† ¬† ¬†Tatiana A. Smith, Graduate Student, University of Illinois

Our daughter is now a sophomore at Wellesley College and two years ago we began working with Mrs. High. The focus of our work involved providing a safe and comfortable space with a college career experienced expert to process with my daughter just what type of university / college might be a good fit for her. They met weekly conducting scholarship searches and Mrs. High would challenge our daughter to think about what she considers to be her talents, strengths, interests and academic goals. These conversations with Mrs.  High were excellent for our daughter to engage in because it challenged her to think and talk about herself with a professional that she trusted. Mrs. High knew just the right questions to ask that would really cause our daughter to think introspectively. This weekly effort made writing her essays for college applications/scholarships and adhering to application deadlines manageable. I strongly recommend Scholarshopmom.

From the Proud Parents !



I honestly cannot thank you enough for the help and support you have provided my daughter in her search for scholarships. I have always been very proud of her and knew that she had the talents and academic ability to be accepted into some really wonderful universities. However, as a single mother I was greatly concerned with the cost of tuition. I thank God for your guidance in finding scholarships for her. My daughter was accepted into one of the best universities in the country with a tuition cost of about $60,000 per year. Fortunately due to your assistance, I was only responsible for about 20% of the tuition cost.  There are so many scholarships out there that we were not even aware of until we got your advice. 

¬†I am happy and thrilled to tell everyone that my daughter goes to one of the top universities in the country, but thanks to the ScholarshopMom’s scholarship advice we can truly afford it.¬†¬†I hope that more people will have the opportunity to benefit from your scholarship counseling.”¬†
 Yolanda S.
Parent of  Graduate- University of Chicago. Graduate Student-Northwestern University.
Thank you for the valuable information at the Rich Township High School Parenting Conference today. Feeling empowered!


Sheila Nesbit

Wonderful seminar today in Matteson. IL. thank you

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