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Show Me the Money

David received over $17,000 from private sources.  Here is a sampling of the types of scholarships he received:

Sam Walton Community Scholarship     $1,000

National Chair Scholar Program               $5,000 (renewable for 4 years)

Guideposts Young Writers                          $250

William Simpson Essay                                $1,000

BP Community Scholarship                      $2,000

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc              $1,000 (renewable)

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc           $1,000

Venture Student Aid Award                     $250

Rich Central Hall of Fame Award           $1,000

Norman Topping Scholarship (USC)    $1,000

Kiwanis International                                  $100

Bruce A. Schurman/Marianjoy              $1,000

William J.  Cook                                            $3,000 Continue reading

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Private Scholarships

In addition to researching scholarships at the College, Federal and State levels you should also research private scholarships. There are many organizations that provide scholarships based on various criteria.    These scholarships are very important because any money you receive from a private organization can be applied to your outstanding loan balance to reduce your debt.  Charity begins at home.  Your search for these scholarships should include what your high school and local community have to offer.  Most high schools keep a database of local and regional scholarships.  Continue reading

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