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Are You Selecting the Right School?

college-choice-questions2   When researching colleges, it is important to find the best academic and financial fit.  Selecting the right school can save you thousands of dollars.  With the FAFSA filing date moving to Oct 1, more time can be devoted to selecting the right school for you.

In my counseling with students, one of the biggest barriers to finding the best match is “you”.   Some students pay more attention to their peer’s choice and college selection and not their own.  What is it that you want in a school?  What are your personal likes and dislikes?  Do you want to attend a large, medium, or small school?  Are you comfortable living in an urban, rural or small town environment?  Are you comfortable being in a lecture hall setting with 500 students?  Do you care whether the professor knows your name and has office hours?   Is it important that your school is diverse in students and staff?  Is this school affordable for you? Continue reading

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