Are You Selecting the Right School?

college-choice-questions2   When researching colleges, it is important to find the best academic and financial fit.  Selecting the right school can save you thousands of dollars.  With the FAFSA filing date moving to Oct 1, more time can be devoted to selecting the right school for you.

In my counseling with students, one of the biggest barriers to finding the best match is “you”.   Some students pay more attention to their peer’s choice and college selection and not their own.  What is it that you want in a school?  What are your personal likes and dislikes?  Do you want to attend a large, medium, or small school?  Are you comfortable living in an urban, rural or small town environment?  Are you comfortable being in a lecture hall setting with 500 students?  Do you care whether the professor knows your name and has office hours?   Is it important that your school is diverse in students and staff?  Is this school affordable for you? Continue reading

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Financial Aid Mistakes



Not having an understanding of how the financial aid process works can cost you a fortune.  The major mistake many people make is waiting to late start the process.  I feel parents should begin educating themselves on this process in their student’s freshman year of high school.  Knowledge is power.  The more knowledge, you gain in these areas the more benefits and options you have.   Do not allow yourself to make the following mistakes: Continue reading

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Who Are My Parents?

If you have divorced or separated parents  it can be tricky figuring out who your parents are on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  For purposes of the FAFSA “Parent” refers to your biological, adoptive parents or your stepparent.  These are the parents required to give their financial information. Since you are dependent on them for your financial well-being, you are classified as  a “dependent” student.

The following are not your parents:  Grandparents, Foster Parents, Legal Guardians, Older Brothers and Sisters, Aunts or Uncles or Widowed Step-Parent.  They are not required to give their financial information.  Check out the following info-graphic:






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Where Can I Find Scholarships?



where-can-i-find-college-scholarships_2 The number one question I get asked when conducting workshops and talking to students  is, Where Can I Find Scholarships?  Yes, we know there are scholarships “out there” but how exactly do you find them? There is so much information available it is overwhelming for some, making it difficult for them to begin the process.

Scholarshopmom has come across a great resource that will help you “shop” for scholarship opportunities.  This resource requires no sign up or other personal information.  All you need to do is click and go.

The website includes scholarships for the following students:  Elementary, Middle School, High School Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors,  College students, Graduate students and Non-traditional students.

You can also search scholarships in the following categories:  Major, Minority, International students, Athletes, Gender, Military, LGBT,  Parents, and Religious.

If you want  one-stop shopping for scholarships check out JLV College Counseling at


Good luck!



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15 Scholarship Tips


The following is a guest post  from JLV  College Counseling.  Thanks Jessica!


scholarship application



Scholarships can be a great help when it comes to paying for college. However, many students become frustrated when they do not win. While we cannot know exactly what scholarship committees are looking for in their applicants, there are some things that can help you when they are making their decisions. Below are 15 ways that can increase your odds of winning a scholarship. Continue reading

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Tools of the Trade-Where Do I Begin?

This is a repost of one of my most often asked questions.


Scholarship applications are available in the fall through the end of summer.  The hot season for scholarships is December-April.  To make the scholarship application process as smooth as possible you need to plan in advance.  There are specific “tools of the trade” you will need.   The tools are Resume of Accomplishments, Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, and Personal Statement.Tools of the Trade Continue reading

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Scholarship Tips


scholarship tips




In previous posts I have discussed the importance of registering on scholarships search engines like Fastweb and  Another great resource to find scholarships is my Scholarshopmom Facebook fan page and my Scholarshopmom twitter page.

I post scholarships on both pages on a daily basis. If you are looking for one-stop shopping for scholarships you should check out this resource.   Courtesy of JLV Consulting I post scholarships with deadlines for each month.  The current listing for March has 130 scholarships. In addition, information is provided on colleges and the college going process.

More and more scholarships are becoming available for continuing college students including graduate students.  Therefore, if you are a graduating high school senior currently researching scholarships, you should also look for scholarships you can apply for in your sophomore and junior year of college. Just book mark them and you are ready to go.  Why go to the financial aid office to take out another loan?

Don’t forget to “like” Scholarshopmom and follow me on twitter.





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