Scholarships for International Students




 Yes, there are scholarships out there for International Students.   Whether you are an incoming freshman or graduate student there are opportunities available.   You won’t be eligible for federal financial aid from the United States but there are other scholarships available.

The questions is, “How does one go about finding them”?   I am a firm believer in not applying to a school unless you know you can obtain scholarships from them.  Every college has a scholarship page.   The first place you should look is the scholarship page of the schools you plan to attend.  If you don’t find anything. Call the admissions office to confirm that they provide scholarship opportunities for international students. Beware of scholarship scams.  You should not have to pay anything to get this information

Make sure you have the proper visas and documentation.  Check the U. S. government site for helpful information.  The following links will be useful to you in your search:

Good luck.










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Debt Free Student






I would like to share in this post how my mentee Darion W. obtained over $500,000 in scholarship offers.   He will attend the University of Illinois, Urbana debt free.

I met Darion through the Trio program at Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, Illinois last summer as a rising senior.  He attended Prairie State, a community college where he took college courses for credit. He earned 16 college credits.   Since he was involved in so many activities at school I thought it was important that he get a jump on his scholarship search during the summer. Continue reading

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Freebies for College Students

Scholarshopmom has been on hiatus but I’m back in the saddle again.  I am posting the following article by Megan Elliott from Personal Finance Cheat Sheet on free stuff for college students.  Remember, in addition to the following freebies feel free to ask for discounts at any retailer.  They may surprise you.


college freebies




7 Things Most College Students Don’t Know They Can Get For Free

College is expensive. The average net price (in other words, what students and their parents actually pay) at a four-year public college is $12,830 per year, according to the College Board. At a private four-year school, the average yearly cost is $23,550.With tuition and other expenses so high, many college students are looking for savings and freebies wherever they can find them. You can rent textbooks rather than buying them, get discounts at many stores, cut back on dining out, ride a bikerather than drive, and live with roommates (or at home) to save on rent.

Even better than something you can get for cheap is stuff you can get for free. We’ve unearthed seven things that college students don’t have to pay for, from free shipping to no-cost career resources (so you can eventually get a good job and put the days of hunting down free deals behind you).

1. Amazon Student

Colleges students can sign up for a free six-month trial of Amazon Student, which comes with free two-day shipping and access to Prime Instant Video and Prime Music. After your trial ends, you can upgrade to a regular Amazon Prime membership for 50% off the regular price of $99 a year.

2. Food

Keep your wallet fat by scoping out on-campus events where meals or snacks will be served. Need help finding a place to score a complimentary meal? The University Lunch Box app connects students at dozens of colleges with events that feature free food. You’ll never have to pay for pizza again.

3. Software

Use your .edu email address to score free software like Autodesk, used by designers and engineers, and You Need a Budget, a personal finance app. There’s also OnTheHub, a website that helps college students find free or discounted software, such as Microsoft Office.

4. Museum admission

Most museums offer student discounts, but some go one step further and offer free admission to those with a college ID. The Museum of Modern Art in New York offers free admission to students from area colleges, a savings of $14 off the already discounted student price. Many other museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh have similar programs.

5. Health center perks

This isn’t a case of getting something for free so much as taking advantage of what you’ve already paid for, since you were probably charged a student health center fee at the beginning of the semester. Head to the clinic where you may be able to get things like free flu shots, birth control, and STI tests. The University of Maryland even offers free meditation sessions to students.

6. Checking accounts

Many checking accounts charge monthly maintenance fees unless you sign up for direct deposit or maintain a minimum balance. But some banks offer free checking for college students, including US Bank, Bank of America, and Chase, which can help you save an average of $14.76 a month (based on a Bankrate survey of average monthly checking account fees).

7. Professional memberships

Many professional associations offer free memberships to college students who are preparing for a career in a related field. With your membership, you can usually get access to perks like job boards, networking opportunities, mentoring programs, and professional publications. Associations that offer free student memberships include the National Society of Professional Engineers, the American Planning Association, theSociety of Petroleum Engineers, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.







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10 Financial Aid Mistakes





Not having an understanding of how the financial aid process works can cost you a fortune.  The major mistake many people make is waiting to late start the process.  I feel parents should begin educating themselves on this process in their student’s freshman year of high school.  Knowledge is power.  The more knowledge, you gain in these areas the more benefits and options you have.   Do not allow yourself to make the following mistakes: Continue reading

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Public vs Private Colleges


Public v Private5Do you know the key differences between public and private institutions?  One of the main differences is cost.  You should familiarize yourself with the costs of public and private institutions in your state.   Private institutions are generally more expensive than public but have the ability to offer good financial aid packages.  Private colleges have access to large endowments.   As was mentioned in a earlier post, David applied to USC as a reach college.  They made it obvious they wanted him on their campus by their financial offerings.  I tell students not to let the cost of an institution deter them from applying.   If a school is really interested in you, the money will follow. Continue reading

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College Greenlight


December is definitely the time to get the scholarship search process in gear.  Christmas break is a great time to start this process.  With so many search engines out there to choose from, how do you find the best match for you?  To get the most bang for your buck, I recommend signing up on 3-5 search engines.  The key to getting the best matches is to complete as many questions on the profile as you can and continue to update your profile as things change.  This is especially important as you progress through your college years. Continue reading

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Scholarship Scam Update

Scholarship-scams 2


In a earlier post I gave tips on how to spot scholarship scams.  In this post I want you to be aware that there are businesses out there waiting to take advantage of students who wait until the last-minute to conduct their scholarship search or lack the motivation and the desire to do their own search.   The businesses are legitimate but the key thing to look for is exorbitant fees.

Continue reading

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